MMO Giants And Feels As You Have Constant Lags

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MMO Giants And Feels As You Have Constant Lags

Непрочитанное сообщение Kingang » 11 авг 2020, 06:10

The first"great" point is the battle system? Other modern MMO in that section provided that it uses grid movement and also the 0.6 sec tick delay. While it might be decently balanced on it's own, the combat system is sexy garbage compared to other MMO giants and feels as you have constant lags. Personally I played with OSRS gold Guildwars2 later EoC was released and the gap between those 2 battle system is/was so ridiculously big you can't even compare these.

Also the cost of PvM as"bad" point? Even is BiS costs 10m/h, which it doesn't in a majority of cases, it needs to be put in relation to the money you earn. Should you create 50M+/h investing 10M/h, that is ridiculously good and cheaper than relative to a OSRS at some bosses for example in which you break even or sometimes even lose money at particular bosses employing the complete BiS equipment. I don't think there's just one RS3 boss you can eliminate money (long term), even when you are massively"overgeared" like using T90 armor+ t92 Weapons in the 4 major GWD2 directors such as. Same goes for PvM items/abilities' cost. In RS3 even the most afk money making methods would be a fantastic 4-5M/h. Do those for 80-100h and you also get yourself a T90 weapon set without having to pay attention.

But the feedback I collated on flow suggested that it was very much fun and folks seemed to appreciate it after a few hiccups at the beginning. So I can not directly compare, I have not played games. As for the cost of PvM that I 100% see your POV but again this has been an issue that has been raised so much by the neighborhood and people do not appear to enjoy it was my job to articulate that in this movie. I given illustrations and should have been more specific. But anyway thanks for watching everything and starting the dialogue.

I agree with that is mentioned/said from the movie and appreciate that you take time to reply comments in this thread. I just enjoy see the larger picture and not only look at buy RuneScape gold in isolation. To my knowledge RS3 is the only monthly subscription based MMO that additionally has competitive MTX similar to those of all"freemium" games. I just saw your movie on the MTX dilemma as I prefer to call it, because in this video you mentioned that RS3"needs" micro-transactions, which is only half of the reality. What RS3 needs is participant retention.

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