See how your favorite pros play in DOTA 2 matches

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See how your favorite pros play in DOTA 2 matches

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Just like how you should time the ganks, team fights are also very important to time. Your team hero draft also plays an important part in this. Asking for a carry Phantom Lancer to come for a team fight doesn’t make sense when he should rather be farming for his core items. Plus as a core PL, his job is to split push as much as possible, while the remaining heroes put pressure on the other side of the map. Your levels also highlight your position as to when you should be taking team fights. Ensure that all your allies have their ultimates ready for maximum impact. Going for a team fight with your Enigma’s Black Hole on cooldown is a team fight already lost.

Quick buy Cheap Dota 2 MMR Boost. Quick sell. Dota 2 provides full refund if item purchased is sold withing 10 seconds. So why not to abuse this ? If you buy a ring of regen (Cost 325 gold) from a side shop, sell it after keeping it for 9 sec, you’ll heal your self without spending even single dime. You can also consider ring of health, Sage Mask, void stone etc. Timing should be managed efficiently and your laning phase will be smoother. Certainly better than asking for tangos/going back to base/courier usage for heals.

See how your favorite pros play in DOTA 2 matches. Taking the best parts of their strategies could boost your game pretty fast, and maybe even put you on the list of DOTA 2 champions over time. Most DOTA 2 pros will offer advice and explanations on why they do certain things. Hit them up on Twitter or a Reddit AMA. Is it only for reference though, its very easy to switch roles with the right items and some creativity. Make sure you know what you are getting into, if you picked support, you are expected to ward, if you picked Dota 2 MMR Boost, you are expected to dominate your enemies after a certain point, and so on.

Make your decisions confidently. This is the key to practicing as a DOTA 2 player because your actions are building blocks for a larger strategy. Some missteps aren’t going to make or break anything. Confidence allows you to think straight and make logical sense of all of your gameplay decisions. And confidence comes from practice and experience, one match at a time. A classic noob mistake is fighting an opponent who is on higher ground. You are missing 25% of your attacks while you can hardly see anything due to the fog of war. While on the other hand, your opponent, who is on higher ground can see you and knows that 1/4 attacks of yours are gonna miss.

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See how your favorite pros play in DOTA 2 matches

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How do i know when i get my first warning , is my screen going to flash like
crazy or .... how ? I dont want it tough :

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