that's automated RuneScape gold

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that's automated RuneScape gold

Непрочитанное сообщение Rskingdom » 21 окт 2019, 11:17

The reason Bots aren't receiving banned at any decent level is that they rely on the algorythms that's automated RuneScape gold . Since they think and operate with this system (Hours and cash ) they dont have real men and women visit such amounts and check these robots. Occasionaly they are undermanned. When they commit to the algo software it's easily defeated. A human is almost impossible to defeat if it implimented properly. If I had been Jagex and wished to take this badly (They dont) I would perform the algorythms and people. I could pay someone (a child ) to eliminate these bots at 1000's weekly.

However, its a kids game and jagex aint going to take you guys seriously until Jagex earnings numbers fall much longer and then its too late and that they take this. They consider software is your takes boots on the ground and software. . .period!!! Ask any dev. They kind of tie in knots believing in applications along with a lot of money rather than boots on the floor (People ). Gotta enjoy technology and this is why they will never replace humans on many levels.

Have a look at barbarous black dragons I had been camping there on my alt and every once in awhile would run into a bot with crazy range xp, ive seen 1 thats near rank 100 over 100m xp, its rarer bot to find as you desire 77 slayer but it makes insane money for a bot super repetitive, with DHcbow they could make 800k gain an hour after provides as thats what I create and they had higher range and emptiness. This leaves me said Pugger your fast becoming my favorite YTer with cheap RS gold these videos dont stop love how you dont state jagex is crap you simply point it out.

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