Turbotax Verification Code Not Working

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Turbotax Verification Code Not Working

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There are times when you face a problem as the verification code sent to you by TurboTax does not work. If you encounter this problem, you can go through the steps mentioned below:
Steps to fix the issue of ‘TurboTax verification code not working’:
Method 1: You should request another code by clicking on the ‘Resend verification code.’
Method 2: Make sure that the TurboTax window is open because if you close it, the code will become invalid
Method 3: You can also use a different browser
Method 4: Keep TurboTax window open if you are using the email app on mobile.

These are the steps you could follow to troubleshoot the issue. If none of these steps help you, you can contact 24 7 turbotax phone number

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