Divergence, Contrarian Trader Weapon To Fight Market Sentiment

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Divergence, Contrarian Trader Weapon To Fight Market Sentiment

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Divergence, Contrarian Trader Weapon To Fight Market Sentiment

As we know, the majority of traders' sentiment is generally market opinion regarding the latest price movements. It should be noted, not necessarily Bullish or Bearish sentiment will move prices according to the expectations of majority traders.
when the current price has broken out of the resistance, the majority trader sentiment is bullish. Be, traders are competing to place Buy positions.
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When a majority trader insists on maintaining Long's position, the Contrarian trader finds that there is a Divergence. On the MACD indicator, the histogram shows a decrease from the two highest peaks. Likewise with the RSI indicator. In conclusion, the majority of Bullish sentiment has run out of steam to push prices even higher.

Once the Divergence signal is confirmed, Contrarian traders place a Short (Sell) position to counter the majority Bullish sentiment. As a result, contrarian traders managed to get a large profit from the Short position in the range of 1180 levels.

What if the majority sentiment is Bearish? There is still a 2nd example. This time, the price continues to decline to break the Support. The market reacted with Bearish sentiment, so many traders pressed the Sell button.
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Dare to be different, Contrarian traders actually put up a Buy position. Because once again, he gets a Divergence signal. As a result, even though Sideway had been for days, finally the price climbed, contrary to the majority Bearish trader sentiment.

Good, right? With trading divergence signals, Contrarian traders can filter noise from majority trader sentiments. Although the latest prices have been driven by the majority of the market. But anyway, in the end the price will return to the value of its essence as indicated by the Divergence of the indicator.

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